Creations: **The Trade Blocks | The Panels Contest**

An experienced web developer and technical leader from Brazil, Arod has worked in web development since 2009, working in publicity agencies, fintech, and product companies.

Arod's last job was in one of the biggest currency exchange fintech in Brazil. As a Tech Lead Engineer, was responsible for all frontend architecture and the evolution of the team's developers and QA.

Arod left his job to enjoy full-time web3 development, and now is working on a smart contract to add a utility for a specific collection and if the community likes it. DAOs can use this tool for their collections.

The Trade Blocks tool

A tool to facilitate the trade of The Panels - Blocks collection. People should trade and select Blocks to put them together, building the prettiest Panels they can in 1-year max. This is the art created by Arihz, resumed. You can check more about it on The Panels website.

As the objective here is to build unique Panels, the Blocks by themself are more valuable if combined in Panels. So, it allowed me to create this tool where are Depositors and Traders/Creators. Depositors enable the creators to find attractive Blocks from the Depositors wallet and get it letting behind one Block to be traded by others, also recompensating Depositors to let them use what is in their wallets.

I explain it more on the Trade Blocks website and the tweets below:

The Panels contest tool

Arod created a tool (independently) for Arihz's Panels Contest. Arihz created the Panels Contest tool to make DAOs work together to create the best panels to vote and select by Twitter votation.

These DAOs participated of the contest:

@FLAMINGODAO, @squiggleDAO, @EmergenceDAO, @FingerprintsDAO, @nounsdao, @BeetsDAO, @gen_dot_art, @EthBlockArt, @NFHeroes, @sharkdao, @nahfungiblebone, @PleasrDAO